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Kuvaaja: Enikö Balogh

Enikö Balogh

Enikö Balogh


Today I met a few people at the top of Annupuri that had absolutely no idea what is where, where is which ski resort for example. They were alone and asking for guidance.

I asked one of them don't you think it's dangerous that you are riding alone. He replied that there isn't that much snow, so he'll be okay. Right, the snowpack is 320 cm at the top.

I watched many times skiers and snowboarders walking up the mountain, all the way to the top with no backcountry gear what so ever. Riding backcountry to my small knowledge is always risky, you should take care and minimise your chances of getting hurt. And no, I am not an expert, but please stop being stupid!

P.S. Only 3 avalanches last week.

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