Snow daysFranceChamonix › 03.01.2017

Photo by: Mikko Heimonen

Mikko Heimonen

Mikko Heimonen


Quite long day, thanks to Italy side ticket office.
We started from Midi and skied down under Tacul. From there to Col du Entrevers and skied down to Italy side. On Helbronner Middle stations ticket reader didnt notice Janitas Rabid Card, which was used in the morning on the Midi. We hadt any money or ID and then started BIG Italy rulet. They called every Director and asked what they should to do. In the end after one and half hours we got lift up.
Time was so much that we had to push to get last lift down from Midi. Nice training day but I really lose my mind on Helbronner. In Italy nothing is self evident, only pizza and coffee.

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