Snow daysFranceChamonix › 24.04.2016

Photo by: Mikko Heimonen

Mikko Heimonen

Mikko Heimonen


WE skied Eugster, just couse can do it!
Chamonix is full of people who has lot of thinking to say. But not so many who can do what want to do and just for them self!
Line was really good condition. Some parts were too much fresh snow and some only thin snow cover above really hard snow.
I felt that it was really easy and relaxed skiing down. Maybe couse I have skied so many steeper and more complicated lines for this season.
I have skied NF of Midi so many times and so different conditions. And have to say that best days has been when there is no people....
I am really happy that I have partner like Jesper Petersson

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