Snow daysAustriaTauplitz / Bad Mitterndorf › 22.02.2013


Anssi Väisänen

Powder Offpiste Slope

Sunny last day in Tauplitz (or actually at Tauplitzalm). It was a nice week up there, enjoying some new powder and especially the calm atmosphere of the place. Tauplitzalm is just a couple of hotels scattered on the hill, not too nearby of each other. So if you are looking for nightlife or shopping it's the not place for you. On the other hand if you are looking for a nice little uncrowded resort and some easy to get to powder runs then you can consider Tauplitz as an option.

Getting to the Tauplitzalm (that's up to the mountain, around 1600m altitude) by train was bit of a hassle. Taxi from Tauplitz train station was 55 euros for two, so it's not on the cheap side of options. Getting of at Bad Mittendorf and taking taxi from there might be cheaper. Ski bus down from Tauplitzalm to Bad Mittendorf was 7 euros per person, you can consider that one too.

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